Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Internet Might Go Into Slow Motion

You know how mad you get when a YouTube video takes FOREVER to get through buffering so you can watch it? Have you ever been upset when Netflix freezes in the middle of playing a movie and you have to watch the spinning wheel while it loads back up?

If the internet service providers have their way, you should get used to watching that wheel spin. The FCC is considering taking steps to eliminate net neutrality. Right now, all data on the internet is treated equally. Everything moves at the same speed. The FCC may make it possible for ISP's to essentially divide the internet into fast lanes and slow lanes. If a company or site pays extra, their site will load quickly for visitors. If not, their page will load slowly. 

So, if YouTube doesn't pay up? Be prepared to spend a few minutes buffering every video. Doing a research project? Better block off some extra homework time, 'cause this is going to take a while.

Help put a stop to it. Visit Battle for the Net to learn ways you can help prevent this. And don't just share the information. Actually put it into action.

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