Sunday, January 13, 2013

Louie Giglio and the Inauguration

Louis Giglio, a man heavily involved in a movement to end slavery, was supposed to pray at the Presidential Inauguration.  It seems that an end to slavery was somewhat thematic of the inauguration, since President Obama will be swearing his oath on the Bibles of Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln.  Then, Giglio started to catch some heat from gay rights groups  who took offense with a sermon he preached in the 90's.  Instead of getting caught up in a controversy over homosexuality, which could detract from his anti-slavery campaign, Giglio withdrew from the Inauguration.

This is going to be a short post, and I'm going to bypass the entire "gay rights" argument altogether and instead focus on the selfishness of this.  First off, this was not a gay rights issue.  Giglio expressed his belief that homosexuality is wrong in his sermon, with no political agenda.  So, this is a "right not to be disagreed with" issue.  If I caused a fuss every time someone disagreed with my lifestyle choices, people would think I'm ridiculous.  I think this behavior was ridiculous.

Second, I want to point out how selfish this response was.  People dug up a 15 year old sermon just to cause a stink.  They couldn't set aside their disagreement on one issue to support the issue of ending slavery worldwide.  These people already have basic human rights, but their right to not be disagreed with is more important than 27 million people's rights to not be enslaved, forced to work 17 hours every day, not to be raped multiple times daily, or not to be sold to the highest bidder.

Nice move.  Really considerate.  Shame on everyone who played a part in this.

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